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Royal Society of Chemistry, CSIR to work together to support chemistry in schools

Published: Sep 24, 2022

By TIOLCorplaws News Service

NEW DELHI, SEP 24, 2022: THE Royal Society of Chemistry and the Council for Industry and Scientific Research (CSIR) have partnered to support an outreach programme designed to promote the chemical sciences in schools and universities.

About 2000 students across the country participated in RSC's Global Coin experiment organised across over 30 CSIR laboratories.

The two organisations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), committing to work together on the CSIR's Jigyasa programme - an India-wide outreach programme aimed at school children and researchers. The MoU will be a non-financial one and will be time-bound for at least three years with an option of renewal.

The CSIR is dedicated to research and development across the spectrum of science and technology - from oceanography and mining to chemicals and nanotechnology. The organisation owns a network of laboratories and outreach centres across India.

The Jigyasa programme will complement existing educational programmes in India. For example, the RSC-Jigyasa partnership will help to expand the RSC's existing teacher training programme and Chemistry Camps, and will be launching several online education initiatives.

As part of the launch event for the Jigyasa programme, the collaboration is organising a Global Experiment including all the CSIR's laboratories. At least 2,000 schoolchildren, 150 teachers, and 350 volunteers took part in the 'RSC's Global Coin experiment organised across over 30 CSIR laboratories, in which participants are asked to compare batteries made from different types of coins. The participants will then be able to compare their data with that of participants from around the globe.

The MoU was signed by both organisations at a ceremony on 22 September. It was signed by Dr. Geetha Vani Rayasam from the CSIR and Paul Lewis, Chief Operating Officer, RSC in the presence of Dr N Kalaiselvi, Director General of the CSIR and Dr Venugopal Achanta, Director of National Physical Laboratory (CSIR-NPL).

Paul Lewis, Chief Operating Officer of the RSC, said: "Collaboration is at the heart of everything the Royal Society of Chemistry does, which is why I've travelled to Delhi to sign this agreement with CSIR providing a basis for us to work together to promote the chemical sciences across India for many years to come".

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Kalaiselvi, DG, CSIR, highlighted that S&T is a crucial as India aims for self-reliance and sustainable development not only for the country but the world. She delivered a popular science lecture "Insights into future of battery technology" and emphasized that the partnership with RSC will help in dissemination of science among students and motivate them to be future scientists.

Ajit Sharma, Manager Director, RSC India, added: "We are excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Jigyasa programme, which will bring together the considerable expertise and resources of both the RSC and the CSIR to help to provide enhanced learning opportunities for those studying the chemical sciences in India. Our young people will be solving the global challenges of the future, which is why it's so important to provide them with a solid grounding and practical experience in the sciences."

Royal Society of Chemistry

We are an international organisation connecting chemical scientists with each other, with other scientists, and with society as a whole. Founded in 1841 and based in London, UK, we have an international membership of over 50,000. We use the surplus from our global publishing and knowledge business to give thousands of chemical scientists the support and resources required to make vital advances in chemical knowledge. We develop, recognise and celebrate professional capabilities, and we bring people together to spark new ideas and new partnerships. We support teachers to inspire future generations of scientists, and we speak up to influence the people making decisions that affect us all. We are a catalyst for the chemistry that enriches our world.

Council for Industry and Scientific Research (CSIR)

CSIR, established in 1942, is an autonomous society known for its cutting-edge R&D knowledgebase in diverse Science & Technology areas. CSIR is a contemporary Research, Development & Engineering organization having Pan-India presence with a dynamic network of 37 national laboratories. CSIR's R&D expertise and experience is embodied in its 7000 scientific and technical personnel. CSIR today is amongst the foremost and is one of the largest publicly funded scientific and industrial organizations in the world.