Centre sells 18.09 LMT wheat in 13 e-auctions under Open Market Sale Scheme (See 'Corp Brief') Trade Marks - Defendant is illegally dealing with plaintiff's registered mark AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS and selling counterfeit products : HC (See 'Legal Desk') 3 'S', Skill, Speed and Scale, are key to Capacity Building for StartUps: MoS (See 'Corp Brief') IBC - Application is not maintainable as filed with malafide and Applicant has suppressed several material facts and defects : NCLT (See 'Legal Desk') Govt hosts roundtable with corporates; comprehensive support for Persons with Disabilities on agenda (See 'Corp Brief') SEBI Act - Continuation of proceedings against legal representatives of Shri Y.N. Saxena is without any authority of law and misuse of process of law : SAT (See 'Legal Desk') Competition Act - Litigations initiated by Opposite Parties cannot be said to be fraught with lack of bona fide : CCI (See 'Legal Desk') Coal PSUs conduct recruitment drives in Mission Mode (See 'Corp Brief') CPC - Order be modified directing respondent no.2 to comply with order within period of 2 months provided order is not interfered with Court of competent jurisdiction: HC (See 'Legal Desk') C-DOT, CSIR sign agreement for 'Development of NavIC based IST traceable Primary Reference Time Clock for telcos (See 'Corp Brief') IBC - Fresh settlement agreement can not be taken on record as very execution of Agreement dated 01.04.2021 is denied by Financial Creditor: NCLAT (See 'Legal Desk') CCI okays acquisition of additional stake in Highways Infrastructure Trust (See 'Corp Brief') SEBI Act - Orders of higher authorities should be followed unreservedly by subordinate authorities and it is not open to subordinate authority to state that order of appellate authority is not acceptable: SAT (See 'Legal Desk') Competition Act - Considering structure of market, Informant can supply books to number of institutions/organisations and does not seem to be dependent on any of OPs for survival of its business: CCI (See 'Legal Desk') 19.88 lakh new workers enrolled under ESI Scheme in the month of July (See 'Corp Brief') Trade Marks - Exclusivity can't be claimed in respect of part of registered trade mark, where part is not separately registered as trade mark: HC (See 'Legal Desk') IBC - IBC have an overriding effect over any other law: NCLT (See 'Legal Desk') Trade Marks - Defendants are infringing Plaintiffs' rights in mark 'SAKARNI' by using mark identical/similar to Plaintiffs' registered marks: HC (See 'Legal Desk') IBC - Company Petition is barred by limitation as amounts claimed in Company Petition are beyond 3 years from date of filing Petition: NCLT (See 'Legal Desk') NHAI inks agreement to develop Multi Modal Logistics Park at Bengaluru (See 'Corp Brief') Arbitration - 'venue' is 'seat' of arbitration if contract contains arbitration clause that specifies 'venue', thereby anchoring arbitral proceedings : HC (See 'Legal Desk') Copyright - Colour scheme and objects/items used in artistic work are also factor while determining substantial similarity/reproduction : HC (See 'Legal Desk') IBC - When Agreement is executed between parties, signed by both parties and acted upon then mere fact that it not being engrossed on stamped papers shall have no adverse consequence on claim of Operational Creditor : NCLT (See 'Legal Desk') SEBI Act - Pledging client securities to banks/ NBFCs for raising funds, even with client authorisation is violation of Law : SEBI (See 'Legal Desk') RBI Act - Petition is liable to be dismissed on ground of efficacious alternative statutory remedy available u/s 45-IA of RBI Act : HC (See 'Legal Desk') IBC - Applicant does not falls under definition of 'Secured Creditor' under IBC : NCLT (See 'Legal Desk') IBC - In present case date of default is date of invoices raised and Application is barred by Section 10A of IBC, 2016 : NCLT (See 'Legal Desk') SEBI Act - Case can be remanded back to AO to check eligiblity of appellant for exemption from making open offer based on fresh documents filed before Tribunal : SAT (See 'Legal Desk')

3 railway projects recommended by Network Planning Group

Published: Aug 04, 2022

By TIOLCorplaws News Service

NEW DELHI, AUG 04, 2022: NETWORK Planning Group constituted under the institutional framework of 'PM GatiShakti National Master Plan' has examined and recommended 3 important railway projects on 3 rd August, 2022. These are Doubling of Gorakhpur Cantt - Valmikinagar rail line, Katihar - Mukuria and Katihar - Kumedpur Doubling and Pachora - Jamner Gauge Conversion & Extension upto Bodwad. All 3 projects are extremely important with a view to ensure faster movement of goods in the hinterland which will accelerate the logistics efficiency and bring reduction in logistics costs.

MoR has identified 'high density network' of railway lines to achieve target of 3000 million metric tonne of freight movement. As part of that mission, 3 critical important projects have been identified as follows:

I. Doubling of Gorakhpur Cantt - Valmikinagar rail line :

To ensure freight flow, particularly food grain movement from western India to North Eastern States, Gorakhpur Cantt - Valmikinagar (95 km.) is an important stretch which was having only single railway line affecting the freight movement. From Valmikinagar  upto Muzaffarpur, work on doubling is already going on. This proposed doubling project with the cost of Rs. 1120 Crore is expected to improve the logistics efficiency significantly.

II. Katihar - Mukuria and Katihar - Kumedpur Doubling

Katihar - Mukuria and Katihar - Kumedpur are extremely busy sections. Currently  this is single line and it is a Rajdhani train route. This is important link to connect  Northeast and also Howrah. Doubling of these sections will significantly help     movement of cargo from Kolkata Port to Virat Nagar. The cost of this project is Rs.942   Crore.

III. Pachora - Jamner Gauge Conversion & Extension upto Bodwad

This project is in the State of Maharashtra. Pachora to Jamner Gauge Conversion and extension of railway line of Bodwad. This project would be 84 km. long at an anticipated cost of Rs.955 Crore. This project will provide bye pass double line railway connectivity for Jalgaon and Bhusawal. It will provide faster freight movement from JNPT to Nagpur and eastern region of the country.

Network Planning Group has recommended all 3 project proposals. The members of the Network Planning Group have further suggested certain components from integrated planning and synchronized implementation concept. M/o Environment, Forests & Climate Change has assured faster clearances. All these projects have been mapped on PM GatiShakti NMP. Through PM GatiShakti NMP it shall be possible to implement these projects in the next five years within estimated cost 

The Network Planning Group has the head of Planning Divisions of the infrastructure Ministries including M/o Railways, MoRTH, Power, MoPNG, MNRE, DoT, MoCA, MoPSW with special representative from NITI Aayog and MoEF&CC. Logistics Division, DPIIT functions as secretariat of PM GatiShakti.