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CBN busts illicit drug manufacturing kitchen lab at Karnal

Published: Aug 03, 2022

By TIOLCorplaws News Service

NEW DELHI, AUG 3, 2022: ACTING on the said specific information, officers of Central Bureau of Narcotics, New Delhi, raided on 05/07/2022 and busted a clandestine Kitchen Lab where narcotics drugs containing Diphenoxylate was being manufactured. Preventive and Intelligence Cell , Central Bureau of Narcotics, New Delhi had developed an information about a clandestine kitchen lab of Narcotics powder containing Diphenoxylate is being operated in residential premises at House no. 323 Sec – 6, Karnal, Haryana.

A person namely Manoj Kumar S/o Sh. Gulshan Kumar has been arrested. A total of 45.855 kg Diphenoxylate mix prepared drug. 7.240 kg of Diphenoxylate tablet in loose form and 19,000 tablets of Nimesulide tablets were recovered and seized. The Nimesulide tablets were used as ingredient in the Narcotics powder.

Diphenoxylate is a Narcotics Drugs and its commercial quantity is 50 gm, as specified in NDPS Act. Further, in follow up action, one person named Mr. Mahesh Kumar S/o Mohan Lal Prop/o Modern Medical Store, Nissing, Karnal, supposedly man behind this illegal manufacturing has also been arrested on 07/07/2022. A case under section 8 read with section 21, 25, 27A, 28, 29, 30 and 35 of NDPS Act 1985 has been registered. They are involved in selling the Narcotics powder containing Diphenoxylate for intoxication purpose to various states. Further investigation is under progress.

Narcotics Commissioner Rajesh Fattesingh Dhabre stated that Central Bureau of Narcotic shall find out the main supplier of the drug soon.