SARFAESI Act - Remedy under writ petition not available to borrower when alternative remedy under SARFAESI Act has not been used: HC (See 'Legal Desk') Competition Act - No abuse of dominant position by state road transport corporation in charging lesser fares from passengers when Govt has put a cap on only maximum fares: CCI (See 'Legal Desk') SEBI extends ELC Plan of Action submission until June 30, 2017 (See 'Dashboard') GST Bills tabled in Parliament; J&K misses the bus (See 'TOG News' on TOG) Related in GST, unrelated in Customs ! (See 'ST se GST tak' in TIOL) Conditional exemption of the Vessels Sharing Agreements of Liner Shipping Industry from the provisions of section 3 of the Competition Act (See 'Dashboard') Counterfeiting core of USD 2 trillion transnational crime: GFI (See 'Top News' in TIOL') Trade Marks Act - Using registered trade mark as corporate or trading name in respect of goods dissimilar to ones for which trade mark is registered is not infringement: HC (See 'Legal Desk') SEBI Act - Selling huge number of shares in the last ten minutes of the trading session may be construed as fraudulent or manipulative act when the underlying idea is to dump on the market to depress the price of the scrip: SEBI (See 'Legal Desk') Trade Mark registrations pick up momentum (See 'Corp Brief') SEBI appoints Smt. Madhabi Puri Buch to the post of Whole Time Member initially for a period of 3 years (See 'Dashboard') Economic Corridor - India, ADB partnership working well (See 'Top News' in TIOL') Chimera of Tax on Ocean Freight (See 'The Insight' in') Service Tax - Ocean Freight - An analysis (See 'Guest Column' in 'TIOL') SARFAESI Act - There is bar on remedy under other laws, when borrower has clear remedy under SARFAESI Act against measures taken by creditor bank: HC (See 'Legal Desk') SEBI Act - Monetary penalty cannot be imposed on stock broker for unsettled accounts of clients for funds received towards margin as Fixed Deposit receipts: SEBI (See 'Legal Desk') Anti-competitive conduct found in Malayalam Film Industry (See 'Corp Brief') CCI slaps penatly on CIL and its subsidiaries for abusing dominant position (See 'Corp Brief') SEBI debars RIL for 1 year from equity derivative market (See 'Corp Brief') 'Board Meeting date' relevant for pricing of securities (See 'Corp Brief') Indian Cement Industry accounts for only 7% of global needs (See 'Top News' in TIOL) Submission of accounts for debt securities issued under the SEBI (Issue and Listing of Debt Securities by Municipalities) Regulations, 2015 (See 'Dashboard')